Neighbourhood Watch

Mike Rastrick is the Neighbourhood Watch Representative for Beercrocombe.  He lives at Mulberry and can be contacted on 01823 481840, or

This is a relatively low crime area and most offences relate to theft from out-buildings.  However, residents should be vigilant for their own property (and that of their neighbours) and should ensure that bikes, tools or other equipment are not left unattended in gardens visible to passers-by.  This will help stop any opportunist thief.  Our neighbourhood police are based in South Petherton - details here.

As Neighbourhood Watch representative, Mike has these officers’ mobile phone numbers to make direct contact should the need arise.  In an emergency, parishioners should ring 999, stating clearly the nature of the emergency, the place from which they are phoning, the location of the incident (if different) and as much description as possible of the people involved and the vehicle that they are using (colour, make and number plate details).  Use 999 to alert the police to any suspicious activity in the neighbourhood (for example, unknown people seen lurking around nearby properties or vehicles) as well as break-ins or other serious offences being committed. 

The person answering the 999 call will allocate a priority and route the call to the most appropriate and accessible officer.  999 calls are received at Avon and Somerset HQ in Portishead near Bristol, so the person taking the call may not be familiar with the locality and will benefit from precise location details.

For all non-urgent police matters, parishioners should dial 101.  Calls from landlines and mobiles will cost 15p, irrespective of how long the call lasts or the time of day the call is made.

Keep yourself safer by following the advice of Community Safety.