Beercrocombe's Church
St James Church, Beercrocombe, is a church in the Seven Sowers Benefice which covers Beercrocombe, Curry Mallet, Hatch Beauchamp, Orchard Portman, Staple
Fitzpaine, Stoke St Mary (with Thurlbear) and West Hatch. The Benefice is part of the Diocese of Bath and Wells in the Church of England.

Beercrocombe's Trust
The Trust was set up in 1978 with the proceeds of the sale of the schoolroom and adjoining school house which had been left "for the good of the parish" at the time of
the sale of the Wyndham Estate in the 1920s.  More information at Village Trust.

Beercrocombe’s ‘Reading Room’ 
In 2009 the phone box on the Village Green at Beercrocombe was converted to a book exchange.  This was done to preserve the phone box for the village and to give
it a useful purpose.  We had support from individuals and the Parish Council to undertake the project.  It has since proved very popular and is well used, with readers
apparently coming from as far away as Stoke St Mary.  Please feel free to take a book and replace it with another.  We like to encourage fairly current paperbacks. 
Hardbacks are more of a problem because of the limits on space, although there is usually room on the top shelf for these.  If the shelves are full please leave your
books in a plastic bag in the phone box and we will put them on the shelves when space permits.  Unfortunately, we have two enemies – damp and snails!  The snails
love the spines of the books, and devour them with gusto.  This leaves the spines looking very tatty and unappetising to use, although the books are still fine, so
hopefully you won’t be put off exploring them.  We try to limit the damage but they still seem to get through our defences.

Beercrocombe's Village Hall
The Curry Mallet and Beercrocombe village hall is situated in Curry Mallet, just opposite the Bell Inn.  It can be rented for parties or other events for a reasonable hire
charge.  Updated facilities.  Contact Mike Bawler for bookings on 01823 480163.  For further information contact Martin Saunders, Management Committee Secretary
on 01823 480022.

Buses and Community Transport
Isle Valley Transport run a service to Taunton, route 901(Timetable).  Bus services to Beercrocombe are limited to the Slinky Service.   This is an "accessible" or
"Demand Responsive Transport" service funded by Somerset County Council for people unable to access conventional transport.  The service can be used for a variety
of reasons such as getting to local health appointments or exercise classes, visiting friends and relatives, going shopping or for social reasons.  You can also use the
Slinky as a link to other forms of transport.
Parents with young children, teenagers, students, the elderly, the retired and people with disabilities could all be eligible to use the Slinky bus service.
You will be eligible to use the Slinky bus if you:
• Do not have your own transport
• Do not have access to a public bus service (i.e. on the day/time you need)
• Or have a disability which means you cannot access a public bus
If you are eligible to use the service you will first need to register to become a member of the scheme. You must complete a registration form and return it to the booking
office before using the service for the first time. 

Community Transport is also provided by a number of independent charitable, non-profit-making groups, companies and organisations. Within South Somerset these
• SSVCA Community Transport - 01935 477399 or their website  Their minibuses are available for the benefit of not-for-profit organisations, community groups and
people living in South Somerset area who experience difficulties accessing mainstream transport services. They have a fleet of 14 accessible minibuses that have
seating capacity from 5 to 16, and all have ramps or tail lifts with equipment for safe carriage of wheelchairs, meeting all regulatory standards. They charge per mile.
An answer phone service is available outside of their office hours, which are 9am to 5pm.

For more information on Community Transport visit their website

Chimney Sweeps
• Martin Coles  (West Hatch) - 01823 480930
• Nick Rutter (Ilminster) - 01460 52951
• Sandpits (Langport) - 01458 251476

Community Oil Purchase Scheme
This scheme is run by Mr Grant Turner on 01823 480304 or email

There are a very few dentists who take NHS patients. To find one in the local area NHS Choices provide a search facility here

Doctors Surgeries
The nearest surgeries are at North Curry and Langport
• North Curry Health Centre - 01823 490505
• Langport Surgery – 01458 250464

There is one garage in Hatch Beauchamp:
• Hatch Beauchamp Garage does repairs and MOTs - 01823 480270

There is also a garage, shop and filling station at Thornfalcon.

Local Shop
Unfortunately the local shop is closed.

Local Information
The Parish Magazine is produced monthly and can be obtained for a small contribution – currently £8 per annum. This contains details of local businesses, information
relating to the parish and local churches and village news.  To subscribe contact Jane Kilgour - 01823 480251.

The Beer and Curry Takeaway newsletter is produced quarterly and is delivered free to all households in Beercrocombe and Curry Mallet. This contains details of
forthcoming events in the two villages, and items of general information.

Village notice boards can be found at the following locations:
• Beercrocombe - in the bus shelter, on the village green
• Curry Mallet - opposite the Curry Mallet Stores and at Popes Cross

Milk delivery
Dairy Crest Ltd, Galmington, Taunton - 01823 350895

Mobile Library
The mobile library will visit the Village Green - Allen's Farm - at Beercrocombe every four weeks on a Thursday afternoon between 2.10 - 2.40 p.m.  The dates for 2024
are given below.  Please support this valuable service.

    2024                                     2024
11 January                             27 June
  8 February                           25 July
  7 March                               22 August
  4 April                                  19 September
  2 May                                  17 October
30 May                                  14 November
                                              12 December
See the Beer and Curry Takeaway, or the village noticeboards, for updates on the service.  Information is also available from Somerset Libraries

Neighbourhood Watch
Co-ordinator for Curry Mallet is Godfrey Townrow - 01823 480899
Co-ordinator for Beercrocombe is Mike Rastrick - 01823 481840
More information at Neighbourhood Watch in Beercrocombe

Doorstep deliveries can be arranged through TH Sales, 4 Homefield Close, Creech St Michael, Taunton TA3 5QR - 01823 443149

Public Houses
• The Bell Inn at Curry Mallet - 01823 480310
• The Hatch Inn at Hatch Beauchamp - 01823 480245
• The Far Canal Inn at Wrantage - 01823 480210
• The Crown Inn at Fivehead - 01460 281919
All of these pubs do food.

Roads / Potholes
Members of the Public should telephone Highways direct on 0845 345 9155.  If that is not successful contact Graham Harvey,

Rubbish Collection / Recycling
Services are provided by Somerset Waste Partnership.  Their website contains a lot of information.
General rubbish (black bins) is collected every other Wednesday. Recycling (paper, tins, bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard and foil) is collected every week on
Wednesdays. Items not collected can be disposed of at the recycling plant at Priorswood, Taunton. 
Properties that fall within Taunton Deane (those on Rock Hill) may have different arrangements.   Asda also has collection bins for clothing and books.
Telephone 01935 462462 to report fly-tipping, or requests for sand bags and  01823 625700 for queries regarding non-collection of, or loss of, wheelie-bin  and re-
cycling containers.

Social Activities
A number of village events (music, quizzes, the village fete etc) are held during the course of the year. These usually take place in the village hall and are publicised in
the Beer and Curry Takeaway. Look out for posters - on telegraph poles and notice boards around the villages - as well.

Somerset Council
Since 1 April 2023, the village comes under the unitary authority of Somerset Council.  Local services are now managed by this Council and as it is still in its early days
it is best to consult its website for latest information.

The nearest Vets are in Langport and Ilminster. Details can be found in Yellow Pages.

Village Agent
Somerset Village & Community Agents are brought to you by the Somerset Charity CCS.  CCS Village & Community Agents provide confidential, practical community-
based solutions for you, wherever you are in Somerset.  Your local CCS Village Agent can be contacted directly, or by referral through your Doctors surgery.  They are
problem-solving solution-finding super heroes!

There is a mass of information about the local area, and indeed all of Somerset, at the Somerset Heritage website.  If you want to explore the local footpath network try
this site, Roam Somerset.  If you are interested in maps throughout the country explore this site, National Library of Scotland. Don't be put off by the name, it holds an
enormous library of maps that cover the whole UK.  And of course, Bing Maps has a choice of overlays, one being the Ordance Survey map.

Both villages have web sites containing lots of useful information and regular updates on village events.
You can find them at and

Window Cleaners
A number of window cleaners operate in the area:
• Bawden Cleaning - 01823 270380
• Andy Jubb - 01823 276613
• Kane Clean - 0790 9813579
• Dans - 07578787456 or

Social Activities
Somerset Council
Village Agent
Village Hall
Window Cleaner
Local Information
Beercrocombe Trust
Buses and Community Transport
Chimney Sweeps
Local Information
Milk Delivery
Mobile Library
Neighbourhood Watch
Oil  - Community purchase
Reading Room
Rubbish Collection/Recycling